Price list

Total cost is contractual, depending on the complexity of the work. The determining role here is played the budget that we’ll need to meet. So please do not hesitate to talk about your wishes and expected monetary costs.

For example: custom basic made basic model of training leotard or dress according to individual patterns will cost ~ from $29 to $75 (depending on the fabric we will use, the client’s height, the presence/absence of a skirt and sleeves).

Individual costume design and creating a sketch $35 includes:
($20 for 1 black-and-white sketch + $15 for 1 color version).

I do not make sketches as a gift, because to thinking up a good costume design, I’ll need time to searching for information, searching for sources of inspiration, and drawing the details into a single harmonious whole design. It can takes at least one or two working days.

But sometimes, in a good mood, I spend time on sketches for free access, which you can see in Portfolio section «Costume Sketches». When ordering you can always say which design you like the most.
Also you can always order a beautiful sketch from another artist or use other resources. When using works, please do not forget to mark the author. Thank You 🌸