Costume was created for the participant of Beauty Pageant Miss ECO USA in 2019 year. Goal was to create an elegant dress made from recycled materials. A couple of years ago I did a similar applique for a dance costume, and seeing a photo of my work, client fell in love with the idea of a butterfly on the back, also asked to make a split-skirt and completely trusted to me design and concept idea.

Costume idea is that butterfly entangled in the web of Fast fashion. In a broad sense the butterfly represents other animals as well. The main background of the dress, painted with the color of the sea wave also reminds us about the sea inhabitants. This is an occasion to think about how modern fashion affects the animal world and the nature around us.

Unfortunately, humanity is unlikely to be able to stop this destructive process completely. But already today, we can start taking small steps for help to nature: 1.When choosing clothes, give preference to more eco friendly materials. 2. Do not throw away old things, give it for recycling.