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Hello! My name is Maria Vasileva I am costume designer. I appreciate the opportunity to experiment and always happy learn new things! Open to collaboration.

Areas of professional activity: costume design and individual image design for the performance; selection of fabrics and accessories; patternmaking; hand and machine embroidery; fashion illustration.

Education: Fashion Designer or «Модельер конструктор швейных изделий» (College in 2008-2011); Stylist image-maker (Advanced courses in 2013); Marketing management (University in 2014-2019).

Creating costumes for:
🌸 figure skating
🌸 rhythmic gymnastics
🌸 sports aerobics
🌸 dance classes and others.

Price List Portfolio

✔Worldwild Shipping from Russia.
✔I’ll send you the link on video instruction how to take measurements.

✔When you order custom costume design, you can be sure about quality of the service provided to you, because I have a professional education and extensive experience. I work with big responsible and try to do everything carefully. Among the important factors, I would like to note the lack of allergens such pets or tobacco smoke in the Studio.

My story:) I can’t imagine my life without needlework. Making clothes is something that has interested me since early childhood. Observed my mother creates dress with ready-made patterns magazine, it was always a mystery for me: how to get a three-dimensional model from a flat piece of material? I always loving messing around with pieces of fabric, sewed clothes for dolls and created accessories for myself and friends.

In parallel with school I was engaged in choreography. And each time I went into the dressing room — my heart stopped a moment from the bright colors, glitter and magic… But to be honest, I was rarely happy with the state of costumes our dance ensemble. Trying to bring them to perfection, I was darning them and sewing even more amount of rhinestones and sequins. When I bought first fashion magazine it was opened a new world for me — it was world of Haute Couture Collections. Looking at these photos with admiration and making an attempts to guess their technologies my small hobby turned into a profession.

Sorry if my English language isn’t very good 🙂
Thanks for your attention! Have a nice day and good mood!🌸